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A sibling relationship - Alec and Izzy

"So what did you see?" Isabelle demanded.
She hadn’t been at all pleased to be left behind while Alec and Jace did recon, but Alec had insisted that she save her strength. She was listening to him more these days, in that way that Izzy only listened to people whose opinion she respected. It was nice.


Sometimes people have to deal with a little adversity. I learned that at glee club.

chris at every public event

↳ ‘american horror story’ premiere - october 3, 2011

I wanna ride a motorcycle so bad. Actually, every time I’m stuck in traffic I pretend I’m on one, it’s so therapeutic. I want a bright blue one with a matching helmet and jacket.  No, the jacket doesn’t have to be blue, the jacket can just be a regular jacket. But I want a bright blue Ninja motorcycle. I love them. Ninja Kawasaki I think. I’ve researched it.

nephilim week: day one → favorite character
Jace Herondale

Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul in A Long Way Down (2014)

lea michele + sarcasm